Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday May 18th

Today Audrie called me "emo". I guess I don't care. She said it was because I have been wearing black, painted my nails black and have been listening to "emo" music...(Coldplay, GreenDay). I am not emo...just in a black phase. Crystal came over and taught me about my Cricut's Design Studio. So tonight I made 2 cards using it. I really love it and my Cricut. I have all kind of ideas to use it. I just am getting so tired lately. I need to get my energy level back up. Looks like I may have lost a friend, no fault of mine. She has been draining me and I have been supportive of her everyday. I finally figured out that she is using me and until I hear otherwise, I am just going to leave her alone. It is a shame that people do that to others. It just makes me realize not to do it to others. I am planning on cropping this weekend. Hopefully, that will lift my spirits.

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