Sunday, May 10, 2009


I know we all deal with disappointment from time to time. Right now my disappointment lies with my family....not my immediate family, but the one with my parents and siblings. I have come to this realization before, but it sure doesn't seem to change. We are not a part of each other's lives. When I was aged or just married, we all called each other on their birthdays and anniversaries and kids birthdays, etc. Well, as of late, no one calls anymore (me included). But what is really disappointing to me right now is even with email or facebook or one in the Meyer family shares anything. For example, my nephew made his first communion. No invitations or announcements were sent out. I can remember when any religious ceremony or event was held, it was a huge family deal. one cares or they keep exclusive to whom they want to know about it. I sent out announcements for Audrie's confirmation and no one except Grandmother and aunt responded. I am not looking for gifts for my child. I am looking for prayers for her and good wishes. How hard is that really? Are we all so caught up in ourselves that we don't share our lives with even our own families?
Another disappointment came from a former best friend. I know we all move on in our lives, but I have a friend who was once my best friend in the world. I would go over to her house and feel right at home. But as her children got older and mine were still younger, we grew apart. She no longer shares anything with me of importance. I remember when her youngest daughter was little and we would talk about "when Lauren would get married" we would do this or that. I knew I had lost her as a best friend when I found out when she was getting married, my friend took another person with her as her daughter tried on wedding gowns. And then this past weekend I received an announcement about the same daughter graduating from Law school and having a party on the day of the graduation. I had no idea at all this was happening. And how could we have known to go unless they would have told us earlier? She also took a trip (not the first time) with another couple that she talk about after the fact. We used to go on a "girls trip" once a year. I just feel very alone right now. I don't know exactly what a blog is for, but this is my place to write my feelings and sharing them. I doubt anyone in my family will read this and if they do, will do anything about it. So basically this is just my way of venting...sorry if it bothers you.
Hopefully, I will be in a better mood tomorrow. Take care!

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  1. Hang in there Denise, I hope you are feeling better today. You are absolutely right about everybody not keeping in touch. Last year, it was one of my annual goals to talk to every family member at least once a month. I even told everybody to keep me in check, some months I did well and others not so well. Once things settle down with our move, I hope to start calling everybody again.